About us

Our History

     The Martinsville Rescue Squad was founded in 1957 to provide free emergency medical treatment and transport services to area residents and visitors.  From our inception through today, we have been 100% staffed by volunteers from our community, all of whom believed that by volunteering, they would help make our community just a little bit safer, friendlier, and better, in general.



     In over 60 years of service, we have answered many thousands of calls for help, including 1195 calls in 2018.  We responded to emergencies in every corner of our area and on every street, from Sunset Lake to Mountain Top, through Martinsville, and to the Warren and Bound Brook borders and beyond.  Whether a call originated during the daytime, nighttime, on a weekend or holiday, our members responded because someone's family member, neighbor, or friend needed help.  In fact, you probably know someone in the Bridgewater/Martinsville area who has benefitted from our service.


     Our volunteers come from every walk of life.  They are small business owners, corporate executives, nurses, teachers, students, engineers, consultants, retirees, and homemakers.  Despite the time demands of today's work, family, and social life, they all find some time to give because they believe it makes life more fulfilling.












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