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Proudly providing volunteer emergency service to Martinsville and Bridgewater, NJ since 1957
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New volunteers are always welcome!  Volunteering is a rewarding and fulfilling experience and the time you give can have a direct impact on the quality of life of your family, friends, neighbors, and visitors.  Please consider helping.  We will provide all necessary training, equipment, and support.


Bridgewater Township provides incentives to area residents who volunteer for local rescue squads and fire departments.  These incentives include a LOSAP plan, tuition reimbursement, and a waiver of certain Township fees.  For details see the Bridgewater Emergency Services web page.


The Martinsville Rescue Squad is operated and managed 100% by volunteers.  That means we need two types of volunteers.  For operations we need volunteers to respond to area 911 calls.  For business administration we need volunteers to help with recruiting, fund raising, recordkeeping, data entry, and more.  It takes more volunteers to respond to area 911 calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week than it takes for business administration, so we tend to place more emphasis on encouraging volunteers to help with 911 call response.


Volunteering for 911 Call Response:


We need EMTs, ambulance drivers, and first aid assistants to respond to area 911 calls.  Regardless of what role you fill, the minimum level of training we require is healthcare provider level CPR.  The squad can provide this training free of charge.  Drivers need defensive driver training, which we will provide, and those who provide patient care will need first aid training and can go on to get EMT-B certification.  There is no cost to you for any of this training.


Important traits for those responding to 911 calls include a desire to help those in need, an ability to work as part of a team, and good communication and social skills.  Responding to 911 calls is a great introduction to the healthcare field.  If you are considering a career in healthcare, volunteering for the squad can provide a free basic education and experience that will serve you well when you later enroll for a medical or health services education.  For those not in healthcare, the skills you learn will serve you and your family well for years to come.


If you are 18 years of age or older you can find more information on volunteering in this document.


We also have a cadet program.  Cadets are members from ages 16 to 18.  You can find more information on cadet volunteering in this document.


Volunteering for Business Administration:


We have all the same business administration needs that most any small business has.  We have supplies to order, bills to pay, people to correspond with, data to enter and report on, employees (volunteers) to schedule and care for, building and grounds to maintain and so on.  We have a class of volunteer members called "Support Members" who do not respond to 911 calls, but who instead focus only on administrative tasks.  If you have office administration, clerical, computer, or management skills and would like to help us out please contact us.


If you don't want to volunteer on an ongoing basis, we occasionally have short term projects we need to get done.  These projects can take anywhere from a few hours to a week or two to complete.  These projects can include tasks like painting, historical records reorganization, or planting new bushes and trees.  If you think you might like to volunteer for a project, let us know and we will contact you when project opportunities arise.


Volunteer Now


If you would like to volunteer or want to discuss volunteer opportunities use our Contact Us page.